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Guiding you to discover more joy and magic
as you blossom into motherhood


LBB Preparation Classes

Learn and prepare at your own pace, from wherever you are. We’re all busy these days, but with one click you can study and keep up your birth preparation regimen.

LBB Free Membership

Join the LBB Community for free and be part of a built-in community that will help you keep you accountable – whatever your birthing goals.

LBB Webinars

Access my newest content, week after week with the in-person LBB Webinars. You’ll receive weekly birth tips and have access to live Q&A sessions where I’ll answer your questions and help you work towards your goals.
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LBB Preparation Classes

Get access to exclusive birth preparation classes and feel confident, prepared and ready for your birthing day. Bond and share with a close-knit group of couples on the same journey.

Birth Consultancy - Midwife

Have me as your personal guide, helping you navigate this amazing and often turbulent journey. Let me guide you from fear to freedom and knowledge.
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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Release stress from your body and strengthen your immune system with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). Enjoy increased vitality and free yourself from chronic pains with this holistic and non-invasive method.
Maternity Leave

Pregnancy Moon Retreat

Renew yourself and study the full Love Based Birth preparation program in the paradise of Bali with our 3 day retreat. Enjoy cleansing food, expert yoga instruction, tranquil meditation sessions and much more.