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From a marvelous meet up of Mothers-to-be, to creativity inspiring classes such as Pregnant Belly Pottery sessions. Love Based Birth events offers any expecting mother a chance to destress, feel confident and most importantly laugh & smile.

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Past Events

Enjoy reading about the many Love Based Birth events
that have taken place over the years.

  • Looking Back and Ahead
    The start of a New Year is one of my favourite times of the year. It feels so juicy and full of new opportunities, endless possibilities, a whole new ...
  • Death Doula Workshops in November
    We are pleased to welcome back Denise Love to Singapore this month for more deep connection and lots of laughter. Denise will be teaching 2 worksho...
  • Upcoming Event: Vaccine Safety Webinar with Dr Taylor Bean
    We believe all important parenting decisions are best made from learning and evaluating evidenced based information. Dr. Taylor Bean is a Canadian ...
  • Summer Time at Love Based Birth
    I am floating on a fabulous time out with my family in Canada. Being the youngest of six and with twelve nieces and nephews, when we all get togeth...

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